Santana Rodriguez (TV Producer and Host)

Bringing unbridled passion, soulful creativity and dynamic leadership to her multitude of endeavors over the years, Santana Rodriguez has impacted thousands of lives as a fitness champion, international print magazine model, fashion entrepreneur and television host/personality. Drawing on her experience in these realms and focused on her mission to empower people to take control of their personal health and fitness, the charismatic, Buffalo bred, Los Angeles based modern Renaissance woman is launching “Shaping Up with Santana,” her first internationally distributed fitness and travel show.

Shaping Up With Santana

Shot in beautiful beach and mountain locations throughout the world, “Shaping Up with Santana” will air two different versions of each episode – a 22 minute program focused solely on workout and an expanded 28 minute version in which she will incorporate other related topics like important nutrition tips. With dynamic, quick cut photography close ups of Santana illustrating each exercise in detail, the typical episode’s first half will feature her doing a cardio workout with two other individuals; the second half will focus on toning exercises on a mat, essentially covering those specific to certain body parts and muscles.

Health & Fitness

The Journey

Although Santana gears her show to average men and women seeking a fresh perspective on exercising, she brings many years of training experience and expertise to the endeavor. After originally moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting and appearing in one film and multiple plays, she shifted gears dramatically when a friend convinced her to compete in a fitness competition. Placing 3rd in her first ever contest, Santana realized that her opportunity to become a leader and make a difference in people’s lives lay not in Hollywood, but in this exciting new world. Finding renewed purpose, she began rigorous training and committed herself to perfect nutrition habits.

Over the next few years, Santana won six major competitions and earned a national title called “Miss Team USA Modelquest” with the ABA Federation. “These were not bodybuilding competitions,” she says, “but physique competitions with an emphasis on tone, symmetry and definition. It was such an honor to have carried on such a title.”

Santana’s popularity as a fitness champion led her to appear in over 20 international magazines, including numerous layouts and editorials in publications like Oxygen and Max Muscle and the cover of Blazin’, Unique, RockHardChic and the lifestyle magazine New York Faces. She was also featured in a prominent classic car magazine.
An appearance on a music & models show in her native Buffalo led to opportunities to co-host and become a segment producer for “New York Rocks (on Staten Island TV) and “New York Profiles.” Her work as a producer – and subsequent success working in sales in corporate entertainment and building her own sports fashion line, Santana Creations – helped pave the way for the launch of Shaping Up With Santana.
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Shaping Up With Santana


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