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Targeted impressions with an audience reach of 20M+ throughout the world

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5M+ Total Reach

LATEST NEWS:   “Shaping Up with Santana” health and fitness TV Show  will be seen on the Beach Channel starting on Wednesdays at 9 AM EST, OCTOBER 17th 2018.  If you live in Florida, you can access the Beach channel on Atlantic Broadband Cable on Channel 5 as well as AT&T U-Verse Cable on channel 19. It will not only be broadcasted in Florida on The Beach Channel., it will also be streaming globally across the world.


Shot in beautiful beach and mountain locations throughout the world, “Shaping Up with Santana” will stream live on Wednesdays 9 AM EST on

Just click this link and then click on the “watch live” icon on that site to view the show from your desktop at home.


The concept is simple.We are here to save you “Time and Money”

“We’re not a technical show. I want to make it as simple, straightforward, authentic and down to earth as possible. My goal is to help people to become their best physical and mental selves, but I also want them to know that they don’t have to look like or feel like barbie dolls to enjoy and get a lot out of these workouts. People of all shapes and sizes can have fun exercising, and it’s easier than they think to incorporate cardio activity and movement into their daily lives.”

PRICING: Please click on the contact button at the bottom of our page to inquire. Our rates are very competitive and very inexpensive comparably to market rates.

Commercial Ads are broken down into 3 categories

-30 second commercial spots

-60 second Commercial spots

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Santana Rodriguez, shaping up with santana – producer & Creator

Full List of Show Distribution

Channel 1105: 8AM Daily

Shaping up with Santana TV Show airs on optimum cable in New York City and New Jersey on channel 1105 at 8AM daily.

Caribbean: 8AM Daily

Shaping Up With Santana airs in over 35 sectors of the Caribbean islands also at 8AM daily.

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