Santana Rodriguez

(TV Producer and Host)

Santana Rodriguez is an international model and fitness champion who has graced covers on magazines as well as being featured in over 20 publications.

Grew up: Buffalo, New York
Residence: Los Angeles,CA and Miami, Florida
Ethnicity: Half Puerto-Rican and half Brazilian


  • Associates degree in Fashion Merchandinsing
  • Bachelor degree in Business Marketing
  • Fitness training certificatation


  • Current producer and host of “Shaping up with Santana”
  • Fitness Champion of ABA Federation show “Miss Team USA Modelquest”
  • International model – Cover of 6 Magazines and featured in over 20 publications
  • Speaker for youth and wellness (Los Angeles,CA)
  • Master of ceremonies (Anchor) for 2018 Caribbean of Tourism (CTO) Conference (Atlantis, Bahamas) – Speaker at sustainability conference (St.Eustatius, Caribbean) 2018 – International women’s Day Conference 2018- guest to teach fitness segment.
  • Involved in 2019 BIg Brothers Big Sisters Organization Annual fashion show.
  • Was voted top 5 best dressed people at 2019 Mercedes Benz Oscar Viewing party by top twitter fashion blogger.
Santana Rodriguez Beach Photo

Hobbies: Travel, trading stocks, hiking, dancing, reading.

Favorite Cities: NYC, LA and Miami

Favorite places to travel: Europe, Caribbean and The states

Favorite Cheat Food: Pizza and BBQ Ribs

Favorite color: Lavender

Favorite Flower: Yellow Rose

Favorite accessory: Designer Handbags

Favorite attire: Sundresses

What I value the most: Family and friendships

Greatest influence: My Dad

Favorite pet: Cats

Passions: Hiking, dancing, helping people be their best, seeing children grow up in better environments, educating on health and wellness.

Personal Quote: “Live your life to the fullest because you can’t take back time”

Humanitarian work: Current mentor for an 8 year old for Big Brothers Big Sisters Program 10/17 – present

Shaping up with Santana Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes Shaping up with Santana
Behind the Scenes Shaping up with Santana