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“Shaping up with Santana” will now air on ROKU premiering on March 15, 2020. Just plug in TV Show name and add channel. All 10 episodes will stream 24/7 everyday.

Santana Rodriguez on the current February 2020 Cover of “Magic Image Hollywood Magazine” (Special Editions Oscar interview). Check out her interview.

Welcome to the Latest and Hottest Fitness TV Show of the Year!

“Shaping up with Santana” is a half hour fitness television show currently airing on the Beach Channel in Miami, Florida. Our show launched on October 17th 2018.

We are a fun health and fitness show with an emphasis on fitness dance exercise and nutrition tips. We cater to all individuals of different shapes and sizes and focus on main stream people that want to get in shape. The audience actually does the exercises in real time while following along in the privacy of their homes or hotel rooms.

The Show will also air LIVE right here on this website 9AM, 3PM, 7PM and 10PM every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday!

Santana Rodriguez Work Out

“Everything I do on ‘Shaping Up with Santana’ is geared around getting people motivated!

We’re not a technical show. I want to make it as simple, straightforward, authentic and down to earth as possible.”


Behind the Scenes

View behind the scenes of ‘Shaping Up With Santana’

Behind the Scenes Santana Rodriguez
Behind the Scenes Santana Rodriguez
Behind the Scenes Santana Rodriguez