Shaping up with Santana

What is “Shaping up with Santana”?

“Shaping up with Santana” is a television series currently airing internationally on the ROKU Platform as well as on AMAZON FIRE TV. We are a fun health and fitness show with an emphasis on fitness dance exercise and nutrition tips. We cater to all individuals of different shapes and sizes that want to get in shape. The audience will actually do the exercises in real time while following along in the privacy of their homes.


We are showcased with a demographic audience of over 14 million subscribers on ROKU alone and 30 million subscribers on AMAZON FIRE TV. We are a very diverse show emphasizing on a strong international influence all over the world. The show streams 24/7 so that anyone that watches it will never miss a show.. In addition. The program will be accessible worldwide via internet as well as streaming on broadcast at the same time slot 24/7..This brings an additional millions of viewers. Just click on this link to watch it live. You can access the show from anywhere in the world without having to pay any kind of subscription fees to view it live because it is absolutely FREE to watch. We cater to Age groups between 18-60.

Shaping up with Santana can be seen in these countries:

-United States ,Argentina ,Europe, Canada, Chile, Columbia ,El Salvador, Guatamala, Honduras, Mexico ,Brazil, Nicaragua ,Panama, Peru, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Japan, India,