Just checked out your new website, I really like it….Do you have info on when your next show will air??? I really enjoy watching and listening to you because, I believe you are GENUINE in what you do. Keep up the GREAT work…


I know you probably get HUNDREDS of fan e-mails a day (so what’s one more ;))…but I just felt so compelled to send you this little note just in hope that you may read it while sifting through your other material. I was watching “American Latino” late tonight and as I was walking by the television I stopped dead in my tracks by a drop dead gorgeous vision. You were being interviewed and I fell in love instantly….it is rare to see someone with the combination of intelligence and beauty that you possess. However, this isn’t your typical “Can we go on a date” e-mail that you might get (even though I wouldn’t mind). Actualy I’m writing this to you based on your work on type 2 diabetes education. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at an early age (around 12) and I’ve been lucky in terms of not having to take insulin or oral medications because I was so active and really didn’t ahve a tendency to eat anything that would elevate my sugar levels (breads, sugar, pasta, etc). I also assume that I had a coping mechanism that would keep me from thinking about the effects uncontrolled sugar levels can have, and I think part of it was to keep me from realizing that I had a disease. I’m older now (32) and I don’t exercise as much anymore and starting to slip into some pretty bad eating habits. I never realized how potentially bad this could be until I listened to your stories about your Father and all the unfortunate side effeects that resulted from our shared illness. I started to think that I am so lucky that none of these major side effects have occured to me and I should not squander the opportunity to get my health back in check. I just wanted to let you know that I really admire what you are doing in terms of  your diabetes eductation and raising our health conscious levels. Especially in our cultures, with you being latina and I being african american and mexican, due to the foods we eat (and LOVE) these illnesses are unfortunately all to prevalent. I hope everything else goes well with your career, and I have every confidence that it will because you have a lot of good karma coming back your way.


I’m looking for a workout routine and am a huge fan of your show (not to mention the fact that I have the biggest crush on you). How often does your show air on Adelphia cable and do you have a web site? All the best,


hello santana. I saw ur show last nite and i just want 2 say that ur amazing. ur work out routine was excellent. i was laying in bed and i instantly rose up and started moving. it seemed fun for both men and women. i was wondering if that was a recent broadcast and also if u give private training sessions. hope 2 hear from u soon!!! btw my name is danny…thank u


I saw your show on a workout channel and just thought I’d drop you an email. Your show is great and you are keeping many people fit. Besides that  you are very sexy which I know you already know but couldn’t hurt to hear it one more time. Anyhow just thought I’d let you know you have a fan keep doing what you’re doing.


Just wanted to commend you on your show. Love the way you work-out and give information at the same time. I would love to incorporate some of your nutrition and work-out tips on to my web-site blog…..visit… love. Need some tips on reducing fat around the love handles.


Hello Santana, Just wanted to let you know that, I enjoyed your show Sat. 2/26 (shredding those UNWANTED holiday pounds)…It’s always a pleasure to watch and listen to you because I know you really take pride in what you do…And since I don’t watch much TV, catching your show on Sat. was a real treat for me, continue to do what you do…